Incoming Fall Transfer Designation-Based: Phi Theta Kappa Officer Scholarship

Incoming Fall Transfer Designation-Based Scholarships are available to incoming fall transfer students immediately following enrollment from their last institution. Designation-Based scholarships are available to students whose most recent institution of attendance is a community/junior college. The award is $2,000 total for two years ($1,000/year; $500 per semester). Visit for details regarding eligibility. Students must be admitted to the University and submit documentation by the stated deadlines. Visit for details regarding eligibility.

Supplemental Questions
  1. This application is for the Incoming Fall Transfer Designation-Based Scholarship: Phi Theta Kappa Officer Scholarship. Incoming Fall Transfer designation-based scholarships are for students enrolling the fall semester immediately following enrollment from their last institution. For the Phi Theta Kappa Officer Scholarship, your last institution must be a community college.
    To be considered, you must be fully admitted and submit official documentation of designation via this online application to The University of Southern Mississippi by August 1.
    Official documentation can include documentation from Phi Theta Kappa adviser or proof of membership and officer status. Please submit documentation for the designation-based scholarship(s) below.
    For additional questions regarding this scholarship, contact the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships at or 601.266.4540.
  2. Additional Documentation: