Oseola McCarty Scholarship Program

The purpose of this fund is to award a scholarship to a student with financial need who represents an underserved population and who graduated from a public school in the Hattiesburg and/or south Mississippi area.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Successful applicants have a history of involvement in their community and strong leadership skills. Evaluation is placed on financial need, community service, leadership positions in high school, recommendations, and overall fit for the Oseola McCarty Scholars Program. Students who feel that they embody the values of the Program and are willing to actively explore the career field of their choice are encouraged to apply. Before applying in the GO System, students should use the checklist below to ensure they have completed and provided all components below:
  2. Looking at Oseola McCarty's life, accomplishments, and the videos on our website (https://www.usm.edu/undergraduate-scholarships/oseola-mccarty-scholars.php), discuss her servant attitude and ways you have emulated her spirit through community service and involvement.
  3. Discuss how you plan to use your drive for community involvement and leadership to make USM better through this program and/or what you hope to gain from this program.
  4. Have you completed any college preparation programs, career preparation programs, or taken any career exploratory classes through your community or high school?
    • If yes, please tell us about your experience.