Bill and Marilyn Sirmon Eagle Scholars Scholarship Endowment

The purpose of this fund is to award a scholarship to a full-time sophomore, junior or senior in any major in the College of Business and Economic Development who has a minimum 3.0 GPA. Consideration shall be given in the following order: financial resources; academic record; integrity, and commitment to finishing the degree. This scholarship may be renewed as long as the student is an undergraduate, maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA, and is enrolled full-time, or as otherwise determined by the signature authority. Awards will be made at a level that ensures the significance of the impact of the scholarship and may be adjusted periodically at the discretion of the signature authority to ensure the significance of the impact of the scholarship. It is intended that all Eagle Scholars will receive the same scholarship amount; however, scholarship amounts may vary based on individual students’ financial need and cost of attendance. To the extent that the annual spending allocation is in excess of the amount needed to support the named recipients from this endowment, the excess spending allocation may be used to contribute to the pool of funding for all Eagle Scholars (See Exhibit A).

College of Business and Economic Development, College of Business and Economic Development - Dean's Office