Fall Scholarship Appeal

This application is for students who are currently admitted to The University and are requesting a change to a scholarship status administered by the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships: freshman/transfer academic scholarships, freshman/transfer designation-based scholarships, and admissions-based scholarships received by continuing students at Southern Miss (see list below).

Academic Excellence Scholarship | Valedictorian/Salutatorian | Student Body President | Eagle Scout/Gold Award | Boys/Girls Nation | Distinguished Young Women: State (Mississippi Residents Only) | STAR Student (Mississippi Residents Only) | Boys/Girls State (Mississippi Residents Only) | Distinguished Young Women: Local (Mississippi Residents Only)

University Transfer Academic | Community College Transfer Academic | Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship | Phi Theta Kappa Officer Scholarship | All-Academic First State/National Team | Transfer Eagle Scout/Gold Award

Please, review our website at https://www.usm.edu/undergraduate-scholarships/ before proceeding to ensure that you request review of the correct scholarship opportunity. Before submitting this appeal, please ensure all details and documentation are submitted at one time through this online application.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Appeals are reviewed by the University Scholarship Appeals Committee and decisions are final and are not subject to further appeal. Final decisions will be mailed to the student's home address listed in SOAR. To view and verify your current home address listed, log in to soar.usm.edu> self service> student center.

    A current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for all undergraduate scholarships. The University Scholarship Appeals Committee will review a student's FAFSA completion status and expected family contribution (EFC) for all appeals submitted.

    The student seeking the appeal must be the individual submitting the appeal. Parents and/or advisors should not complete this form on behalf of their student.

    Students may not appeal through this application for Luckyday Citizenship Foundation Scholarship, the Honors College Discovery Scholarship, and the Honors College Presidential Scholarship. Recipients for these scholarships are determined through a competitive review process, and decisions made during the competitive review process are final.

    Students may not appeal through this application for any foundation scholarships, external scholarships, state aid, or federal aid.

    Students must notify the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships when submitting additional documentation to an existing appeal for further review. An appeal will not be reviewed automatically once an initial decision has been rendered. Notification of additional documentation or changes to the appeal must be emailed to scholars@usm.edu by the stated deadlines requesting additional review of the appeal. Please include your student ID number.
  2. I am requesting the following status change:
  3. I am seeking consideration for the following scholarship(s) (check all that apply):
  4. Reason for request:
  5. Students are required to submit a letter to the University Scholarship Appeals Committee clearly detailing the scholarship(s) being requested, explaining their extenuating circumstance that occurred, and provide details regarding their extenuating situation that are supported by any attached documentation submitted by the student.The University Scholarship Appeals Committee will keep all records and documentation confidential.
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